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Street art is everywhere in Amsterdam and has a very DIY quality that resonates with the average person. During my many trips to Amsterdam I have made it a point to photograph it whenever I see a piece that's interesting to me. Sometimes you just turn a corner, there's an amazing piece of art waiting for you on the other side.


I decided in 2013 to turn my attention to my favourite area in Amsterdam – the Spuistraat. Following a decade of non-usage the buildings in this area became squatted, attracting many creative and free spirits, like artists, musicians and actors etc. It became a creative centre and tourist attraction for almost three decades. I began photographing, documenting and obsessing over the buildings and street art here. Each trip back to the area was always different since the walls were always being painted over or removed by different artists. Sadly a piece could last a few weeks, days or even just a few hours before someone else came and painted over it. Once that happens that piece of art is forever lost. The paintings which result are from my enjoyment of the urban tapestry found here. I love the energy and colours of street art and the idea that you can turn a corner and when you least expect it, a large-scale artwork is in your face. It's there one day and then it's gone.


On the 25th of March 2015 De Slang (Snakehouse) and the Tabakspanden (tabac buildings) in the Spuistraat got evicted changing the area forever where it now belongs to Amsterdam's history. The area has sadly now been gentrified, seeing the incredible murals and artistic hotspots traded for new stores and lodgings. All that now remain of the area is sadly only what you can see in archives and photographs. The only mementos from a different past.


In June 2015 the work I produced was exhibited at Het Kunstenaarsbal (Amsterdam Cultural Festival) presented by the Peter Klashorst Gallery located in the Spuistraat where a substantial body of my work is influenced by. The moments may pass but the feelings remain.

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