Cityscapes Early Work – Hospital Exhibition

Solo Exhibition 2004 Statement

There is a reality that surrounds us all, a reality of infinite possibilities. Opportunity and possibility flow around us like a raging torrent. All we have to do is open our eyes and see the flow and allow it to take us on its journey. My work is about the city, but in my work the city is a metaphor for this reality. The city is where I feel the truth of this reality the most. My energetic paintings of city scenes are consumed with the enthusiasm of a child. In the city I am a child. Everything in front of me. All is subject matter, all is inspiration. The streets, the faces, the individuals, numbers, lives, people, there is no end to the forms of expression.


My paintings contain a narrative element drawing inspiration from every image or sound around me, from letters on a street sign to the faces in a crowd, each component jostling for attention on the canvas. Experiment with mark-making, the spontaneity and sharpness of the marks I feel adds to the rhythm –perhaps from the noise of the cars or the hum of the voices.


My paintings should, I feel, make an almost physical attack on the observer, achieved through violent brushwork, distortion, exaggerated perspective, unrealistic colour and an energy all combined to depict a heightened and distorted actuality. Painting is, I feel, not so much to do with the painted image itself, but in the sensation it produces. A successful work must be more than the reflection of a single moment – it must, I feel, attain ‘stability’ through constant reworking, in order to arrive at a ‘condensation of sensations’, which does not isolate the present sensation either from that which precedes it or that which follows it.


My work is about the freedom, experience and infinite possibilities that life has to offer us at every turn.


In an age when it is all too easy to stand still and allow the down-pour of all the worlds problems to drench us. It is my hope that my work allows the viewer to feel like they are running through the streets shouting at top volume ‘WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD’.

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