In 2007 I began tackling the subject of urban life.  Tackling my love/hate relationship with the city, no specific city; the theme of the city in general.  My paintings celebrate the patterns, textures, and surfaces of urban life, calling attention to the rich imagery that we too often overlook in our hectic daily migrations.


Everywhere we look, regardless of the city; we can see evidence of planning and structure existing simultaneously with chaos and unpredictability. Row upon row of tall buildings can be seen made of steel, brick, concrete and glass.  Along with these are colourful signs that announce what’s inside and random evidence peeking out through the windows. Miles of roads in various states of repair or disrepair.  A multitude of cars, buses, bikes and vans in various shapes, sizes and colours moving along these.


However depending on the time of day, there are two worlds that exist, two perspectives in the same physical space: streets that can appear to be dirty and depressing by day can by night turn into an environment infused with a strange kind of thriving, dark beauty. Intense spots of colour caused by streetlights and brake lights at dusk coexist with the deep neutral tones that the pavement and buildings take on once it becomes evening. I am compelled to capture these moments.


My work has also been inspired by the whole visual urban experience - incidences of inadvertent beauty - not planned by an architect but created by time, decay, and the intervention of individuals as seen in  “un-designed” collisions of paint, sign writing, posters, and street art.


While my paintings are rooted in the real, it is the junction between sensation and fact that interests me.  My work embodies the energy and flux of urban life. The moments might pass, but the feelings remain.


If you would like any information about my work  or would like to purchase any piece then please email me at

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